Company for manufacture and installation of equipment DD " FKS-OPREMA " exists for many years in HOLDING COMPANY INDUSTRIJA KABLOVA at Jagodina. We offer a lot of favors.
In shortly, complete maintenance of your equipment could be our care, but if you also need a new machine that will be challenge to us. Our experience in both maintenance and production of the most up-to date cable making and other equipment lasts for several decades, cooperation of INDUSTRIJA KABLOVA with world?s famous companies as well as our production resources prove that you choose the right partner. Around 170 employees, the majority being high qualified and skilled workers and over 20 engineers and technicians are ready to save your labor and money if you give them a chance.
Technical and technological capabilities The mechanical potential of DD " FKS-OPREMA " comprises 60 tool machines of different types and sizes offering many opportunities. Our experienced engineers, technicians and workers, maintenance of our mechanical potential and reliable supply of materials and spare parts are the basic premisies of our competitive offers.
The fields of DD " FKS-OPREMA " are :

- Manufacture of machines and devices,
- Manufacture of tools,
- Manufacture of wooden packing material,
- Planing and designing,
- Production and repair of other various products,
- Design of detailed documentation for manufacture of cable making and other
auxiliary equipment, products for automation.
- Planning of production and supply of materials,
- Preparation, analysis and technical assistance concerning inquiries and offers,
- Maintenance of production equipment,
- Preparation of catalogue-prospectus contents, technical information, bulletins and other contents,
- Internal transport.

Holding preduzeće mešovite svojine INDUSTRIJA KABLOVA JAGODINA DD "FKS OPREMA" 35000 JAGODINA.


Central +381 35 221-102
Director - ext. 501

Telefax: +381 35 229-495


Central +381 35 221-002

Referents - ext. 209, 358

Telefax: - +381 35 221-315

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[ Integral parts from electroinsulated materials ] [ Heating cables and heating systems ]
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