PAPER INSULATED POWER CABLES impregnated with normal oil or semi-hard (non-draining) compound, aluminium or lead sheathed, with mechanical protection-steel tapes or wires armour and anti-corrosive protection of impregnated fibre material or thermoplastic compaund, up to 35 kV.

PVC INSULATED POWER CABLES, with or without steel tapes or wires armour and outer PVC sheath, up to 11 kV.

XLPE INSULATED POWER CABLES, high thermal class, with or without steel tapes or wires armour, as well as special non-magnetic armour for single core cables, anti-corrosive protection of thermoplastic or neoprene sheath, up to 220 kV.

NATURAL OR SYNTHETIC RUBBER INSULATED POWER CABLES with high mechanical and dielectric strength, with or without mechanical protection, neoprene or similar sheath, flexible and very flexible cables, up to 35 kV.

Halogen-free power cables with improved performance in the case of fire

All above specified types of power cables have following application:

  • transmission, distribution, industrial and mine networks
  • thermo, hydro and nuclear power stations
  • industrial plants, equipments and machines
  • mine plants and equipments on open pits and underground mines
  • building and agriculture mobile equipments and machines

SPECIAL APPLICATION: railway electrification, submarine laying, airports, pilot-signal units, welding apparatus and electrofilter equipments.

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