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Power cables


Rubber Insulated Power Conductors And Cables

Mining power cables for underground exploatation nominal voltage from 450 / 750 V up to 3.6 / 6 kV, in according to standards JUS,VDE,ICEA,GOST....

EpN 50

EpN 63, Gn 63

EpN 65

Mining power cables for mines with surface exploitation nominal voltage from 3.6 / 6 kV up to 20 / 35 kV, in according to standards JUS, VDE, ICEA, GOST,.....

JUS: EpN 78 (EpHN 78 )

Shipboard power and telecomunication cables according to DIN, BS standards.

Cables with elastomeric insulation for rail vehicles with sheath of neoprene or of halogen-free flame retardant materials.

Power flat cables for cranes and elevators rated voltage 300 / 500 V in according to VDE standard.

Welding cables

Power cables higher class of temperature with insulation of elastomer hased on Silicon compaund.

Medium voltage power cables type MV-90 5ł 35 KV in according to standards UL 1072 and AEIC.S6.


JUS Cable Type VDE Cable Type Standard
EpN 50 NSSH÷U VDE 0250 Teil 812
GN 50 NSH÷U VDE 0250
EpN 63 NSSHCGE÷U/kon VDE 0250 Teil 812
EpN 65 NHSSHC÷U VDE 0250
EpN 78 NTSCGEW÷U VDE 0250 Teil 813