Industrija kablova - Jagodina (FKS) was founded in 1947. and the regular production started in 1955.

Today it is a Holding Company with a full name: Akcionarsko drustvo Holding Industrija kablova – Jagodina or abbreviate: Holding “Kablovi” a.d.-Jagodina with the following business structure:
Enterprise for production of power cables ½FKS Power cables½
Enterprise for production of telecommunication cables and enameled wires ½FKS TKL½
Enterprise for production of micro cables, connectors and electromechanical products ½FKS ELMOS½
Enterprise for production of power installation conductors ½FKS Provodnici Rekovac½
Enterprise for production of cable accessories including engineering ½FKS Kablovski pribor i inzenjering½
Enterprise for production and installation of equipment
- Financial department
- Marketing departmentt
- Department for legal, personal and normative mater
- Bureau for strategic development and investment
- Quality management bureau
- Bureau for privatization
- Social standard
Subordinate organizations:
“Institute for research and quality control FKS” d.o.o.
- Enterprise for production and distribution of thermal energy “Toplana FKS”
- Institute for industrial medicine “Zavod FKS” d.o.o.
Production capacities are situated in:
Jagodina, Cuprija, Rekovac, Despotovac and Dragocvet.
65 years DZK Kablovi
65 years Society For Culture "KABLOVI"
FKS is Serbian biggest producer of cables, cable accessories, connectors, cable sets and connectors.
FKS is the Serbian biggest exporter of cable products.
The products with trade name of this factory have found its application in over 80 countries world wide.

[ General data ] [ Qualty system ]  [ Technical and technological potential ] [ Development and research ] [ Manufacturing programme ] :
[ Power cables ] [ Copper, aluminium and steel products ] [ Telekommunication cables ]
[ Enameled wire ] [ Industrial electronics ] [ Microcables and conductors ] [ Connectors and terminals ]
[ Integral parts from electroinsulated materials ] [ Heating cables and heating systems ]
[ Special programme - Medical accessories ] [ Electric cord sets and cable harnesses ]
[ Insulated power conductors ] [ Cable accessories ] [ Engineering ] [ Equipment ]