Development and research

Institute FKS


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The first activities in Holding Company "Kablovi" for INSTITUTE FKS foundation started in the middle of eighties.

As a part of Holding Company "Kablovi", INSTITUTE FKS was officially registered on May 1st, 1990.
INSTITUTE FKS performs affairs and gives services to the rest of HC "Kablovi" as well as to the other interested subjects and partners out of company.
INSTITUTE FKS is the first institution of such kind in the Country that was obtained a certificate of Quality System introducing according to JUS ISO 9001 (08. August 1996.)

INSTITUTE FKS is organized into four departments:

  • Head Office with sector for general affairs
  • Center for research and design affairs
  • Center for quality, certification, metrology, and standardization (Quality Center)
  • Center for experimental investigation and control

Head Office with sector for general affairs, Center for research and design affairs and Quality Center were situated in the House of Institute placed inside the area of Factory for Telecommunication cables and annealing wires ("New Factory"). Center for experimental investigation and control is situated at the locality of Power Cable Factory ("The Old Factory").


Center for research and design affairs is a holder of scientific - research activities in HC "Kablovi". Project teams that are formed to work on the projects perform this activity, and this activity can be organized as:

  • applied research work, to utilize the basic research results and another scientific accomplishments in practice or to develop new methods and means, that enable to solve predetermined noticed problems, and
  • Development - research work, which is being performed with the aim of organizing new or improving the existing products and devices production, introducing new or improving the existing technologies, systems, procedures and work and management methods.

Realizing its activities, Center for research and design affairs makes close contact and cooperation with stock holder company development divisions, as well as with another scientific - research institutions, faculties and Institutes, whose activity is directed towards basic and applied investigations. In that case, the contract for cooperation or common work on project is made.


Quality Center is a holder of activity for realizing, maintaining and improving the complete quality system in the Institute, as well as the holder of activity for quality development, standardization and metrology development in all stockholder companies within the Holding Company. These activities are carried out as follows:

  • coordination of certification activities for the Holding Company products in the country or abroad
  • development of statistical methods with the aim of estimation of process capabilities and product quality
  • coordination, adoption and publication of internal standards
  • consideration and making of plan proposal for JUS standards
  • purchase and distribution of standards (internal, national and international)
  • coordination of activities for verification and calibration of measuring and testing equipment

Center for experimental investigation and control is a holder of laboratory testing in Institute - FKS and HC "Kablovi". In the labs of Institute - FKS, testing during receiving raw materials and semifinal products, testing and controlling during the process of products production, as well as final testing and controlling of finished products are being performed. In the labs of Institute - FKS, research measurement as a part of scientific and research projects are being carried out, too. The Center is composed of the following labs:

  • Highvoltage Laboratory
  • Laboratory for insulation materials
  • Metallurgic Laboratory
  • Lowvoltage Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Mechanical Laboratory
  • Thermical Laboratory with Laboratory for Burning