FKS has the Institute and the Department for development, research and technical business which employs over 200 experts-holders of a doctorate, holders of A. M. titles, engineers of various specialities.

All this as well as modern equipped laboratories, enable FKS to keep world technique and technological level in this field, which means keeping up with the domestic and foreign market.

By new products development and by finding optimal constructive and technological solutions, these two bases make great contribution to the future FKS development on the whole.

General intentions in FKS development are directed to:

  • Increasing of taking part in using knowledge and experience of its staff
  • Keeping a high level of export capability
  • Raising of a degree of technical and technological level and quality
  • Development of new production based on semiproducts and final products
  • Development of new manufacturing programmes compatible with the basic production.
In that way a possibility for disposal of products according to the basic manufacturing programme has been enlarging, providing more complete engineering offer which represents a basis for FKS more frequently to offer the market systems of power and telecommunication networks, heating systems, cable distributive systems as well as systems for various purposes.

Such a conception of FKS development is based on the connection between its own potential and present i. e. expected movement of cable production development in the world. Possibility of continual application of ideas, their realisation and checking in practice, procedures, technology and new products are, in the first place, results of development and research.

Long-term intentions in FKS production development are directed to:
  • cable production increasing by products of better technical characteristics and capabilities of exploitation
  • further increasing of electromechanical products and cable accessories range
  • development of optical cables production and other components for optic-electronic transmission of information
  • broadening of engineering business through projection and construction of cable lines or complete cable networks
  • increasing of production of machines, equipments and tools for application in cable industry
  • expansion of production of industrial electronics, measuring-setting, controling and regulating systems
  • development of production of cable accessories and components for power and telecommunication cable lines, networks and systems
  • development of production of cable harnesses (cord sets and other sets)

development of products according to supplemental programmes (products based on enamelled and dynamo wire, technique plastic on basis of PVC, bakelite, rubber etc.)

[ General data ] [ Qualty system ]  [ Technical and technological potential ] [ Development and research ] [ Manufacturing programme ] :
[ Power cables ] [ Copper, aluminium and steel products ] [ Telekommunication cables ]
[ Enameled wire ] [ Industrial electronics ] [ Microcables and conductors ] [ Connectors and terminals ]
[ Integral parts from electroinsulated materials ] [ Heating cables and heating systems ]
[ Special programme - Medical accessories ] [ Electric cord sets and cable harnesses ]
[ Insulated power conductors ] [ Cable accessories ] [ Engineering ] [ Equipment ]