FKS Equipment

Range of products DD "FKS EQUIPMENT"

  • Wire-drawing machines, annealers and pointers,
  • Stranding machines,
  • Extrusion lines (for rubber and plastics) ;
  • Lapping machines, armouring, screening and braiding machines,
  • Pay offs, take ups, haul off units,
  • Machines for lenght measuring and packing,
  • Marking and color metering equipment,
  • Plant machines and equipment for recycling of waste materials and products,
  • Machines for nonmetal coating of the wire (without extruders),
  • Machines for cable accessories,
  • Extrusion tools and accessories,
  • Machines for wood processing,
  • Equipment for agriculture , woods and water-power engineering,
  • Complete desingning of plant, engineering.

Machines and devices for insulating and sheating conductors and cables


Linear meter measuring unit MDR-40

The linear meter measuring unit MDR-40m is of single wheel type designed to accommodate cables, conductors, pipes, tapes and other with maximal outer dimensions not over 40 mm . By means of measuring wheel with 500 mm circumference and the rotary encoder the measured length is displayed on the electronic counting instrument.
Bi-directional counting , pre-set and auto-stop and many other opportunities are standard features .

Cable cutting device HM-70

The cable cutting device HM-70 model is suitable for cutting cables and steel ropes of maximum 70 mm diameter. The HM-70 is mobile allowing this unit to be used in different places simultaneously. The cable cutting device is hydraulic powered by hydraulic power assembly mounted on the portable table assembly. The cutting tool can be hand held or fixed to the portable table assembly.

Color blender CB-300


The color blender CB-300 provides the plastic processor with a simple and accurate method of blending virgin compound, ground scarp and color concentrate for use in extruders and molding machines. The unit permits the continuous and automatic feeding of color concentrate and uncolored compound. With a color blender you never blend more color concentrate and compound that you need. The unit can be stopped at the end of a run with no mixed color and compound left over. The color blender is designed to accommodate all extruders and molding machines with same output range. it has both a manual on / off switch and an automatic level control switch. The level control switching circuit is supplied to operate the refill cycle relay .

  Spark tester    

GP Extrusion heads     


FKS model GP crosshead are made of SAE 440 steel with all parts hardened and ground. GP crossheads are designed for insulating, sheathing and two color extrusion ( with 1" - 2 " extruder ) with maximum outer diameter 120 mm. It?s suitable for 40 120 mm extruders and for application of a two color extrusion. Compensating wedge ring is included to maintain balanced flow and concentricity. Flange adapter to match the various sizes of extruder flanges is made separately. Three heat zones are predicted, wired for 220 volt, 1 phase supply. Electric heaters are made off stainless steel and designed to surround the head parts completely to give even heat. Each model of extrusion crosshead is tested according to FKS CABLE MANUFACTURING experience.


Take up unit 2000 VHL - TU

The 2000 VHL - TU take up unit is shaftless, vertical hydraulic lift type, designed to accommodate cable reels from 600-1200 mm, flange diameter and 2 tons maximum gross weight. The reel is supported on stub spindles mounted on ball and roller bearings and brought into engagement with the reel bore by means of capstan type hand-wheel. The reel is raised and lowered by twin hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic power, supplied by hand pump. The pintles are changeable to accommodate the different reel sizes. The traverse unit is " RGV-linear drive " type with continual pitch control. The drive unit is DC gear motor unit with analog controller for continuous line speed control , 0 50 m /min.

Linear drives TIP RGV

RGV linear drives convert the constant speed rotation of a plain round shaft into reciprocating axial motion. They operate like nuts on a threaded bar, however the pitch both left-hand and right-hand is capable of fine step adjustment or can be set at zero. With in-built reversal mechanism and with adjustable end-stops it is possible to adjust the length of the traverse stroke.

Applications :
Take-up, drive systems, machine feed systems, positioning drives, traverse drives for speeds up to 3,6 m / sec,power amplifiers (as servo drive ) , cutting machinery drives for synchronous operation drives, continuous reciprocating feeds, material handling equipment, special purpose machinery ......


Depending of your specific application of the RGV liner drives, DD "FKS OPREMA " can offer you a complete engineering service. If in respect of your specific application you wish the selection of the RGV linear drivers to be made by DD "FKS OPREMA".

Please ask for applications questionnaire ref. No. 11 / 95.

Motorized pointer WP - 10


UPay off for drums up to 3000 mm flange diameter,

Pay off for drums up to 1600 mm flange diameter,

Linear meter measuring unit and spark tester,

Take-up for drums up to 1200 mm flange diameter,

Parts of portal take-up and pay-off for drums up to 3000 mm flange diameter.