FKS Equipment



Cutting ( preparing ) of materials

Cutting of ingots material on a frame, circular or band saws, maximal stock diameter 350 mm.

Cutting of plates

a) Cutting of steel and other plates 0,25 mm to 12 mm thick, on a mechanic or hydraulic cutting machines with a flat surface knifes, cutting length 3100 mm., to a required band width tolerance.
b) Gas autogenous cutting of steel plates up to 150 mm thick.
c) Cutting of textolyt, pertinax, plexiglas, klingeryt, break sheets and other materials.
Cutting of lower section wood materials, production of meeting strips, frames, boundary strips and similar.


Producing and finishing production off all kinds mechanical parts on universal lathes.
Producing and finishing of big and heavy parts on the high span peaks lathes
( lathe center ).
Maximal span peaks at 4000 mm and diameter of the plane plate at
f1250 mm.
Producing and finishing production of heavy metal parts on a powerful lathes, threaded shafts with all kinds of threads (single or multipass, crossed etc.).


Producing and finishing of parts on universal and vertical milling machines (dimension of working table 1600 x 400 mm).
Producing off cylindrical gears, spur or angular, and worm wheels on a gear shaping machine to maximal diameter
f 1100 mm and fineness modules 10 mm for steel or 12 mm cast iron .
Producing of chain sprockets on a gear shaping machine to a maximal step 1".
Producing of timing belt wheels .
Producing of tools for extrusion and insulation for the technically sophisticated and demanding application with highest accuracy, reliability and functionality.

Plane treatment

Processing on horizontal planing machines to a maximal length of 700 mm .
Treatment on vertical planing machines to a maximal length of 570 mm, diameter of table
f610 mm .
Internal gears or grooving cutting for spur gears, shafts, junction unit etc.


Drilling on a horizontal drilling machines with spindle diameters
f 90, f 100 and f 110 mm, and maximal working table dimensions 1200 x 1400mm for the treatment of parts (houses, boxes, cylinderblock) with maximal weight 3500 KN
Drilling on a radial drilling machines with spindle diameter
f 70 mm and pos-sibility of reception of working parts, overall dimensions 2000 x 2000 x 1100 mm: for the parts which length is many times larger then other dimensions, length is practically unlimited without influence on a precision of treatment.
Making or finishing of holes on a console drilling machines with spindle diameter
f 40 mm and table diameter f 500 mm.

Grinding on a machine for the flat surfaces grinding of parts dimensions 1000 x 400 x 400 mm
Cylindrical grinding:
External grinding of parts with dimensions up to
f 300 x 1500 mm and weight up to 300 KN
Internal grinding of small holes up to
f 10 x 50 mm
Copier grinding of external shapes with maximal dimensions up to
f 400 mm. Grinding of tools, sharpening of cutting tools - knifes, circular saws, milling cutters.

Forging of preforms for parts (which are recommended for forging) on a pneumatic hammer forging. Forging of preforms in order to reach the specified dimensions, maximal
f 400 x 80 mm.

Welding and surfacing of all types of steel, gray iron, cooper alloys, aluminum alloys using:

manual arc welding using coated electrodes
arc welding in protected (neutral gas) atmosphere
autogenous welding
Repairing of damaged or broken parts from foregoing materials is our specialty.

Bending of metal sheets or plates

Bending of metal sheets on the machines with cylindrical tubes:
for metal sheet with maximal thickness 0.8 mm, tubes up to 1000 mm length with minimal bending diameter ? 80 mm
for metal plates with maximal thickness 6 mm, tubes up to 2500 mm length with minimal bending diameter ? 255 mm.

Thermal treatment

Tempering, hardening and cementation of parts in a electrically controlled furnace with heating chamber dimensions 600 x 400 x 1000 mm.
Tempering of castings from steel and gray iron casting, also welded structures in a electrically controlled furnace with heating chamber dimensions ? 900 x 1200 mm.


Dynamic balancing of mechanical parts (shafts, rotors, belt wheels) with maxi. dimensions:
Weight of balanced part up to 300 KN.
Diameter of part 910 mm .
Length of part up to 4500 mm .

Producing of casting molds

Producing at molds all kinds of sizes and shapes for gray iron casting, hard casting, alloys, from wood or metal.

Other services

Close to foregoing mentioned services DD "FKS- OPREMA " - offers maintenance services of your equipment and complete factory reconditioning services, requiring electrical and mechanical upgrading.
To support DD "FKS-OPREMA", HP INDUSTRIJA KABLOVA maintains an advanced research and engineering facility where new products and processes are developed.
As a result DD "FKS-OPREMA" enjoys the HP INDUSTRIJA KABLOVA advantage : an unmatched blend of experience that has proved invaluable in creating cost effective products for the most demanding applications.
Your problems in area of fluids, air conditioning, computers, electronics, chemical analysis can be committed to us for innovative solutions.