Cable Joints and Outdoor Terminal Boxes for High Voltage XLPE Insulated Cables

Cable accessories

Cable Joints KSxrt 69 - 150 kV

Insulating self-amalgamating tape, based on EPR rubber makes the insulation. Taper oil is used to improve dielectric property of the interface between cable insulation and applied tape. The electrical field in the joint is optimised by means of computer and reduced to the permissible value with stress grading pad, made of material with non-linear voltage-current characteristic.

If required, insulation joint designs can be provided also with bonding cable to link box either for earthing or cross-bonding.

The conductors are jointed by welding.

When the lead sheathed cables are jointed, corresponding lead tube is provided instead of copper mesh tape

Type of joint KSxrt 69 KSxrt 110 Ksxrt 132 KSxrt 150
Voltage level (kV) 69 110 132 150
Length (mm) 710 910 1050 1150
Insulation thickness t (mm) 16 24 26 30


1. Cable sheath
2. Stress grading pad
3. Cable insulation
4. Welded conductors
5. Insulation tapes
6. Insulation screen
7. Outer heat-shrinkable tubes

Outdoor Terminal Boxes KGxpd 69 - 150 kV

The terminal boxes can be used both indoors and outdoors. Maximum overall cable diameter is 90 mm.

The stress relief cone is encased in a porcelain insulator, which is filled with synthetic insulating oil. Sealing between insulator and stress cone is achieved by inserting a tube under the skirt of the stress cone.

The terminal boxes body is made of a corrosion proof metal. For insulated support standoff insulators are available.

Porcelain insulator with proper creepage path is provided for proper voltage level. Maximum inclination is 300.

Type of terminal boxes

KGxpd 69

KGxpd 110

KGxpd 132

KGxpd 150

Voltage level (kV)





Height H (mm)





Total creepage path L (mm)