Heat cables heat systems

Serie's resistances

TEK TM Series resistance heating cables

The TEK cables have a wide range of resistance per meter and can there fore be used to advantage on long pipe runs (up to 1500 m).
Product construction:
- Insulation FEP (1), TEFLON (2);
- Maximum output 100 Watts / meter.
- Supply voltage: up to 600 V mono and triphases system.

Available with a tinned copper or stainless steel braid and "Sure-Flow" system : TEK cable with factory extruded heat transfer cement within a steel channel.

- Tracing of long pipe lengths with minimum number of electrical supply points single or three phases balanced electrical load.
- Easy to install.
- Good resistance to chemical corrosion.

Mineral insulated heating cables

(Series Resistance type).

The outer sheath of a mineral insulated cable permits the use of the cable in many different industrial applications at high temperatures and can therefore solve many of the problems in chemical, petroleum, nuclear and solar plants.
The temperature limit of the cable depends upon the material used for the outer metallic sheath which may be of copper (200C) cupro-nickel (400C), stainless steel (600 C) or inconel(1000C).
Supply Voltage: Up to 600 Volts.

- Available in long continuous lenghths thereby reducing number of supply points required.
- Materials used in cable construction are non ageing.
- Can be used for temperatures up to (1000C ).