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Electric tracing parallel systems sistemi
FibertraceTH KFTM

Using conductive fiber technology, the parallel heating cables with constant heat output
are suitable for freeze protection applications and process pipes temperature maintenance.
Extremely flexible, this cable combines a durable and resilient fiber heating element with a tested thermoplastic rubber.

- Suitable for hazardous area.
- Thermoplastic rubber insulation.
- Output available 10 do 24 W / m according to the pattern.
- Supply voltage 240 V.

Available with a braiding of tinned copper or stainless steel possibly coated with a thermoplastic or fluoropolymer jacket.

- Highly flexible and flat profil.
- Easy to install and cut-to-length.

Parallel heating cables with constant heat output per meter.Suitable for freeze protection applications, temperature mainteance or the heat-up of process pipes, vessels and instruments. Suitable for hazardous areas.

Product construction:
- Insulation- Thermo-plastic rubber
- FEP(1) TEFLON(2)
- Output available - 5,5 to30 Watts / meter according to insulation type chosen.
- Supply Voltage - Up to 380 Volts. Available with a braiding of tinned copper or stainless steel.A sure Flow System: Econotrace cable with factory extruded heat transfer cement within a steel channel.

- Ex-stock delivery.
- Simplified procedure.
- Cut-to-length - Site assembly.
- Suitable for maximum process temperatures up to 120C.
- Easy of installation.