Heat cables heat systems

Electrical self limiting heat tracing system
SX Self limiting cables TM
SX i
s a flexibile matrix core heater responding to environmental temperature changes. As surrounding temperature decreases, output heater increases. This automatic temperature regulation insures thermal stability at each point of the tracing system eliminating over heating or burn out even when the cable is crossed over itself.

"Paralel" matrix core.
- Process maintenance of temperature up to 120C
- Low inrush of current for TSX-OSX.
Easy to install.
- Easy to calculate.

Polycristalline power disc heating cable TDX
High wattage and temperature self limiting heating cable. Recommended for process pipe temperature maintenance or heat up. Well adapted to the thermal exchanges, this self limiting cable is composed of polycristalline discs powered with two flat braided heat diffusing conductors.

Suitable for hazardous area:
- Insulation FEP1 TEFLON2.
- Power output according to the maintenance temperature.
- One product for range of voltage from 120V to 277V.
- Power output not practically concerned with a tinned copper braid possibly coated with a FEP1 TEFLON2jacket.

Self limiting.
- Maintenance temperature up to 150C.
- Exposure power on temperature 208 C.